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Monday, June 21, 2004

Legacy...of Bush

Just two weeks ago, we lost a great president with the passing of Ronald Reagan. His vision for winning the Cold War left him with the admiration of people around the globe. The Berlin Wall did not fall on his watch, but there is no doubt in any reasonable person's mind that he set the wheels in motion to make its fall inevitable.

I'm going to go on the record today and say that if Bush has the opportunity to serve a full two terms in office, then history will say much the same about him and the Middle East.

He has a vision for transforming the cesspool that is the Middle East today. And it is already bearing fruit. Given another four years to completely implement this vision and bring pressure to bear on other autocratic regimes in the region, it will bring an everlasting change to an area of the world that has been in turmoil for a long, long time.