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Friday, August 27, 2004

"God's Honest Truth"...

...could be the three little words that are responsible for putting the last nail in John Kerry's campaign coffin:

While largely avoiding the debate over his war record and television ads criticizing his antiwar protesting after the Vietnam war, Kerry told the crowd: "You are now learning about the lie and how the lie was put out there. I am telling you the God's honest truth about what happened over there."

(Emphasis added)

The blogosphere and some portion of the public is aware of the Christmas in Cambodia lie. And various blogs have been carefully deconstructing the other Kerry fables as well. [For details on the deconstruction, check out: InstaPundit, Beldar's Blog, Captain's Quarters and Powerline.]

John Kerry has now unequivocally said he is telling the "God's honest truth" about Vietnam, so when the next lie is definitively exposed who will be the enterprising journalist who holds John Kerry's feet to the fire?