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Saturday, August 21, 2004

This Sounds About Right me...

A few notes about the relative veracity of those involved:

1) Rassmann has told conflicting stories about whether he was on Kerry's boat or on PCF-3. If you can't even remember which boat you were on, how is your story credible about the details of what happened while you were underwater?

2) Kerry fled the scene by his own admission while the other boats stayed to rescue the disabled craft. That doesn't exactly square with "heroic action under enemy fire," does it?

3) There is not a single man from any other boat (you know, the ones who stayed while Kerry ran) who backs up Kerry's version of events. Isn't that significant? Shouldn't they be able to find at least one?

My analysis: Kerry's "Band of Brothers" know that the man in charge of their boat was going to skedaddle out of any possible danger rather than stand and fight, and none of them wanted to be there getting shot at anyway. They back him because they credit his willingness to "bug out" at the first sign of real trouble with getting them home. I understand their loyalty, but it doesn't exactly paint a flattering picture of John Kerry does it?