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Saturday, September 04, 2004


The latest entrant in the 527 sweepstakes is They're trying to raise funds to put a couple of anti-Kerry ads on the air. I've taken a look at both. I don't like the first: I don't think it's effective, and I think it takes an unnecessary turn with the comparison to Willie Horton. It was gratuitous and can only be portrayed negatively given the comparisons to the 1988 campaign (despite the fact that Democrat Al Gore was the one who first introduced the world to the issue).

The second one, however, I think it's not only fair - but effective. No doubt Democrats will portray the ad as "racist" because Sharpton is black. But it is Sharpton who has made a career out of his racism as the ad makes clear. That Democratic leaders embrace Sharpton is a legitimate issue. The ad doesn't even address Tawana Brawley.

Despite Sharpton's charisma, he is a hater. John Kerry's embrace of him is reprehensible. That brand of racism has no place in America: both John Kerry and the Democratic Party should be ashamed that they stoop so low.

Take a look and decide for yourself...