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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Rasmussen Makes No Sense...

OK...follow me on this run-through:

Bush outpolls Kerry favorable 52-47
Bush outpolls Kerry "better leader" 50-38
Bush outpolls Kerry "national defense" 52-42
Bush outpolls Kerry "economy" 49-45

Average of the major internals:

Bush outpolls Kerry on average: 51-43

Surprisingly (or not so surprisingly), there is an 8 point gap between them.

Let's see:

Time +11
Newsweek +11
Gallup +7

Rasmussen "sub-polls" +8


Daily Tracking Poll: +2

I don't think a reasonable reader would be out of line to ask what's wrong with Rasmussen's daily methodology that it doesn't track more closely with other polls asking essentially the same question during the same time period while his other more periodic polls seem to track quite well...

I'm going to do some more investigating to see if this is a pattern or just a coincidence...