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Friday, October 01, 2004

"We Call That a Target"

...more good news from Iraq...

This is the fundamental problem with being John Kerry: you can't stop things from getting better in Iraq. There is a fundamental misreading (or misleading?) about the right track/wrong track numbers in this country.

It's true that less than 50% think this country is on the "right track," but a good number of those people - and of those people who in some way express disapproval of the job Bush is doing - are criticizing from the right, not the left.

If Kerry thinks that he's on the right side of the issue by dodging left, he's getting some really bad advice. The best criticism of Bush vis a vis Iraq is that he hasn't been tough enough, that he hasn't insisted on cleaning out those rat's nests like Samarra. Kerry's plan to hold a summit is worse than irrelevant to solve this problem.

The biggest problem for the Kerry campaign is that both Allawi and Bush have realized this, and now they're taking steps to fix it. Major offensives in Fallujah, Samarra and Baghdad are systematically wiping out large numbers of insurgents. The only question that remains is can it be done quickly enough to satisfy the American public before the election.