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Friday, September 17, 2004

Bush Crushing Kerry...(and Nader)

...according to Gallup...


A poll in the middle of September is never conclusive about November results, but Gallup has always been the Gold Standard of polling.

Other national polls showed a neck-and-neck race, but their results defy logic. The battleground states of Ohio, Pennsylvania, Missouri, and Wisconsin are all red. But the proof that of how wrong those national polls are can be found in New Jersey and Illinois:

Bush is leading Kerry 49-45 in New Jersey
Bush is only trailing Kerry 45-49 in Illinois

These are two of the bluest of the "Blue States" in the country. Gore won each of these states by double-digit margins. If Bush is even close in Illinois and leading in New Jersey, then you know that there is something significant going on the country.

And that something is starting to look like a Bush landslide...