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Sunday, October 31, 2004

One Out of Seven... all Bush needs...

Mason-Dixon's track record in 2002 is excellent, having called 22 out of 23 state races in 2002 correctly. So if we take a look at the Mason-Dixon polls published at Captain's Quarters, things are looking very good for President Bush.

So I headed over to the handy LA Times flash electoral map. I gave the states to the candidate currently leading outside or on the 4 point margin of error which brings the electoral count to 266-186 in favor of Bush. That leaves only Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and Hawaii up for grabs.

If Bush takes any ONE of those states, he will be re-elected while Kerry needs a clean sweep of all seven. These are the key states to watch on election night: you can go to bed if any are called for the president, so it should be a much earlier night than the pundits are anticipating.