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Monday, August 30, 2004

Big Media Takes Notice...

...of the trouble in Kerry's campaign. Some selected items from today's The Note:

What we will all know by Friday morning (or, at least, should) —

- Who the bigger Nielsen draw is — "George Walker Bush in 'I Will Keep You Safer,'" or "John Forbes Kerry in 'Full Metal Jacket II'."

- If the already wobbling Kerry campaign can take the pressure of being behind — both in the CW and actually. (Note Note — we are being kind with "wobbling" — we could have gone with "disension-wracked" or something comparable.)

- If John Kerry can get his veterans mojo back.

- Will John Kerry's campaign use its week (mostly) out of the spotlight to make some staff changes? (Note we are too polite to use the words "significant shake-up.")

When ABC starts using phrases like "already wobbling," that can't be a good sign for your campaign, can it?