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Saturday, August 28, 2004

"It's a Mongrel Phrase..."

"Go Bug John Kerry"

Beldar has the latest on Kerry's lies about Vietnam. Here are the money grafs from the article he cites:

The Kerry campaign has refused to release Kerry's personal Vietnam archive, including his journals and letters, saying that the senator is contractually bound to grant Brinkley exclusive access to the material. But Brinkley said this week the papers are the property of the senator and in his full control.

"I don't mind if John Kerry shows anybody anything," he said. "If he wants to let anybody in, that's his business. Go bug John Kerry, and leave me alone." The exclusivity agreement, he said, simply requires "that anybody quoting any of the material needs to cite my book."

So now it's plain that the Kerry campaign has been stonewalling reporters on that material...Yesterday I wrote that John Kerry's claim that he was telling the "God's honest truth" could be the ultimate undoing of his campaign...Today's article in the Washington Post could fulfill that prediction...

Evidently "God's honest truth" is a little bit different than "John Kerry's honest truth"...

To the Washington Post's credit, they have been slow on the uptake but have also been doing their job as journalists in getting to the bottom of the story. We in the blogosphere can fault them for not taking better advantage of the resources available to them on the internet, but they're light years ahead of the NYT, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, etc. on the story.

UPDATE: The Captain has much, much more including coverage from the L.A. Times and elsewhere in the Washington Post.