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Friday, September 17, 2004

It's a Start...

...but there's more work to be done...

Kevin Patrick over at Blogs for Bush has re-posted a graphic that originally appeared on FreeRepublic detailing some of the ties from the Kerry campaign to the Rathergate story. I'm the first to say that these are tenuous at best and not exactly the kind of "smoking gun" evidence needed.

That being said, there are missing pieces here. For example, the DNC oppo researcher cited by the American Spectator who, well before Newsweek article named Bill Burkett as a possible source, had identified the source of the documents as a "retired military officer."

Are there more connections between the players than those identified in the graphic?
Who alerted the researcher to these documents?
Where does that researcher fit into this chart?
Who in the DNC reviewed the researcher's findings?
Who in the DNC passed it on to the Kerry campaign?
Who in the Kerry campaign passed it to CBS?
Who in the Kerry campaign knew about the documents?
Who was the CBS contact for the Kerry campaign?
Was Dan Rather the ultimate authority in deciding to run with the story?

There may be more questions to be asked, but these are the first ones that come to mind in getting to the real bottom of this story.

What questions would you ask?