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Friday, September 17, 2004

New Bush Guard Documents Released...

...and boy do they make George look bad!

Check out this little tidbit:

In addition to the letter from Bush's father, the latest documents contain news releases that the Texas Air National Guard sent to Houston newspapers in 1970 about young Bush, then a second lieutenant and new pilot. ``George Bush is one member of the younger generation who doesn't get his kicks from pot or hashish or speed,'' the news release said. ``Oh, he gets high, all right, but not from narcotics.''

The cur!

That's not enough? How about this shocker from a letter his father wrote to one of his commanders?

The letter went on to say that young Bush, on his first trip back home, was full of enthusiasm and kept the family up talking about his first instructor, Sgt. Henry Onacki, who had impressed Bush with his love of country and dedication to the Air Force.

``In this day and age when it has become a little bit fashionable to be critical of the military, I was delighted to see him return to our house with a real pride in the service and with a great respect for the leaders that he had encountered at Lackland.''

Throw him in the briar patch again, Brer Kerry!

(short break while your humble host recovers from an extended bout of belly laughter) ribs are hurting a little, but I'll go on...

Compare and contrast the quote from his father's letter with what you know of John Kerry's post-Vietnam activities...One trashed veterans while another had "a real pride in the service" and "great respect for the leaders." Which do you think is going to play better with swing voters?

Somebody at the DNC should be kicking Terry McAuliffe's arse for even bringing this up...