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Monday, September 13, 2004

Silver Star After-Action Report Found!

Backs up Swift Vets story...written by John Kerry!

One of my local television stations, Fox - Baltimore, just broadcast a breaking news item: they have received a copy of the After Action report from the US Navy Archives and have posted it online. According to the commentary, they say that the after-action report was written by John Kerry.

The After-Action Report Can be Found Here:

Page 1
Page 2

I'm no expert on after-action reports, so at this point I turn this over to the milibloggers and other experts in the field to further analyze.

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Happy hunting, fellow bloggers!

MY SOURCING: I'm basing this post on the editorial/commentary on Fox - Baltimore. It was publicized on their regular commentary titled "The Point" - the link to which can be found on the right-hand side of their home page. Once you reach "The Point" page, use the drop down box to select "Kerry and the Killing - September 13, 2004" from their archives to view and/or read the commentary on which this post is based.

UPDATE: The Captain takes a look at the report and 1) puts it into "layman's terms" for the rest of us, 2) helps put it in context with what the Swift Vets have been saying and 3) compares what the citations said about it. It's a three-fer!

UPDATE: Drudge has picked up the story and links to both the commentary and the report as well.

UPDATE: I've updated the After-Action Report links. Apparently they changed image names. The links should be working again.

UPDATE: It now appears that this report was written by Bill Rood - not John Kerry. Follow this link to see the new post.