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Thursday, September 09, 2004

RNC: Mission Accomplished

"[T]he poll suggests that Republicans achieved virtually all their objectives last week in New York, particularly in their goal of making Kerry less acceptable to voters."

Some key items from the data:

88% of Bush voters "certain" and another 6% unlikely to change their minds
81% of Kerry voters "certain" and another 10% unlikely to change their minds

NET: 49-39 Bush beats Kerry amongst voters already completely locked - or nearly locked - into their votes. That only leaves 12% of the electorate as "swing-able." Kerry would have to get every single swing-able vote in order to win.

Bush viewed favorably: 51-39
Kerry viewed unfavorably: 36-42

On who they trust to handle the issues cited as "the single most important issue" by a sum total of 76% of voters:

Terrorism: Bush 57-35
Iraq: Bush 53-37
Economy: Bush 47-43
Education: Bush 46-42

Kerry does lead on Health Care by 45-42, but only 13% of the electorate rates that as most important...

Bush leads on every single personality question with the smallest margin being 1 point for "understands problems of people like you" and the largest being 27 points for "strong leader"...

Perhaps the most telling point: 63% believe President Bush will win re-election.

Elections are about momentum, and there's no spinning it any other way:

Bush has it right now...