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Friday, September 10, 2004

They Warned Us...

...they were going to do it...

I suppose that I should be surprised at the forgeries, but I'm not. Susan Estrich was Dukakis' campaign manager, and she's been pushing her lies about the true causes for Dukakis' defeat since she led the campaign into the annals of history as a colossal failure. The real reason, of course, was that Dukakis was a died-in-the-wool liberal Democrat; but since Susan is herself a liberal Democrat she can't admit to herself (or anyone else) that the American public at-large won't elect liberal Democrats to the highest office in the land. (For proof ask yourself why Democrats run away from the title "liberal" and fight tooth and nail to avoid being labelled as such while Republicans generally have no problem being labelled as "conservative.")

In more recent years, she has been the "go-to" girl whenever the Democrats need a talking head to spin the latest damaging disclosure. I guess we should at least be grateful that she was honest enough this time to put their plan to lie, cheat and steal in order to defeat the president.

Here are some things about those forgeries that did surprise me a little though:

- I'm a bit surprised that they tried it so early, but then again Kerry has taken a real beating in the polls and they needed to do something to turn it around...and fast...before the bleeding got too bad.

- I'm a bit suprised that it was so badly done. These forgeries are so riddled with stylistic, typographic, and factual errors that it should be embarrassing to the person who forged them.

- I'm a bit surprised that Dan Rather and CBS insist on standing behind the documents. They are so obviously forged that they cannot possibly expect that they will actually stand up to scrutiny. Could they think that it will just go away?