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Sunday, September 12, 2004

Moonbats on Parade... DemocraticUnderground via RightWingNews...

John links to various comments left on DU (no link provided - find the hate on your own). It goes almost without saying that these people are hateful, spiteful people; but it also shows the depth of their ignorance about "Red States."

The reason Red Staters cry and express sympathy with New Yorkers are because they are Americans. Unlike these people on DU, Red Staters understand that no matter how much you disagree with someone we're all in this together.

New Yorkers weren't attacked because there's something special about New York. They were attacked because New York is a symbol of America. It is arrogance and stupidity to believe that if New York was an independent city like Singapore they would have been attacked.

New York wouldn't have ever recovered if not for the rest of the country. It was tax money from "fly-over" country that provided the money to get the city on its feet again. It was volunteers from all over the country that streamed into NYC in the days after to rebuild it. It is tourists from across the country that provide many of the jobs that NYCers depend on for their daily bread. It is the hard-earned money of Red Staters that trades hands every day on Wall Street.

Of course none of that matters to these Leftists. They are worse than snobs and elites. They consider Red Staters to be a different breed - a separate but unequal contributor to the American experience. They live in the self-reinforcing cocoon of their hatred and bile where dissent dares not speak. DU doesn't allow dissenting views for fear that truth might see the light of day.

These are the views of a dangerous minority in this country. Yes, I said dangerous - and I meant it. The unblinking perversion of thought that is required in order to come up with this kind of hate-filled screed is not the mark of a healthy mind. They not only don't believe in the American dream, their every day is a nightmare of their own making.

The nuts behind the Earth Liberation Front, the domestic eco-terrorism group, is the tip of the iceberg. When their impending election loss inevitably shakes loose the fruit from the tree of reality, I fear the rise of more. Most of these ranting and drooling hate-mongers are only brave because of the anonymity of the internet who would never actually act on it. However, there exists that fraction who will be driven by their lack of political power to seek expression through other means.

Our next adversary may not be foreign terrorism...It may well be domestic, and DU is the breeding ground...