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Sunday, September 19, 2004

French Fraud Exposed...

...French agent admits it to Italian authorities...

The lede:

The Italian businessman at the centre of a furious row between France and Italy over whose intelligence service was to blame for bogus documents suggesting Saddam Hussein was seeking to buy material for nuclear bombs has admitted that he was in the pay of France.

If this doesn't make you understand that:

a) France was never, ever, ever going to back our efforts in Iraq,
b) France never will no matter what lies to the contrary John Kerry tells,
c) France is not our friend, and that
d) France must pay for this act of betrayal,

then you are either a complete fool or French or both.

The only question is: how best do we "express our disapproval"? I'll have to chew on my thoughts for the best U.S. response, what do you think?