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Sunday, September 19, 2004

Miss America Makes My Point..

Congrats to Deidre Downs, Miss Alabama, on being named Miss America...

I also want to thank the Miss America pageant for definitively disproving a particularly snarky commenter named Philippe on PoliPundit. He claimed that it was a well-known "fact" that "Blue Staters" are more attractive than "Red Staters" - a point which neither I nor the other readers of Poli's blog were willing to concede.

So let's look at the Top Ten from last night's Miss America:

Miss North Carolina, Kirstin Elrod (Red State)
Miss California, Veena Goel (Blue State with Republican Governor)
Miss Oklahoma, Elizabeth Kinney (Red State)
Miss Georgia, Danica Tisdale (Red State)
Miss Kansas, Megan Bushell (Red State)
Miss New York, Christina Yvette Ellington (Blue State with Republican Governor)
Miss Louisiana, Jennifer Dupont (Red State)
Miss Alabama, Deidre Downs (Red State)
Miss Arkansas, Lacy Fleming (Red State)
Miss Texas, Jamie Story (Red State)

Hmmm...seems to be something of a pattern here: every single one of the Top Ten hails from either a Red State or a Blue State that has a Republican Governor.

So the lessons to be drawn here:

1) Philippe's "facts" usually aren't, and

2) If you're looking for a talented, intelligent, beautiful woman: think RED...