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Sunday, September 12, 2004

USA 1, France 0

...Russia thinks " seems easier to find grounds for an understanding with the United States than with some European states."

This is a victory for Bush's foreign policy stance over Kerry's. Kerry's stance would be to find an accomodation with the French policy while Bush will do what he can to get allies but in the end we'll go alone if necessary. Russia seems to think that we have the right idea.

In the overall scheme of things, it's much more important to build good relations with Russia than it is with France for a number of reasons. The first would be to put ourselves in a position to help prevent its slide back into its Soviet days - it's already teetering on the brink, and closer relations can only improve our leverage. The second would be the fact that they still have an enormous number of nuclear (and biological and chemical) weapons that we need to keep out of the hands of terrorists. And the third, they have a huge population that is a virtually untapped market for American goods, and closer ties with them will lead to greater economic opportunities for Americans.

On the other hand, France finds itself losing influence to those upstart Eastern European countries and the UK within the EU. Chirac would be in prison if not for the immunity granted to him by his office. Their economy is stagnant. Their population is aging. Their cultural snobbery is offensive, and their active effort to oppose us over Iraq is not an isolated incident but part of a long-term pattern of obstructing American goals.

So if I have to choose: I'll take Russia over France every day...